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I’ve always believed in John Locke’s “Tabula Rasa” philosophy.

Like him, I believe that we are all born as a blank paper; an empty canvas, ready to be written and painted during life.We are artists of our own work, authors and designers of our character & owner of our options. 

And, throughout life, I had lots of mentors and teachers who showed me how to paint. And I did learn from my own experiences as well. But I always knew that something was missing in my life canvas.

And then I met you. A REAL painter. Not only a teacher and a mentor; but also a coach. A true leader of life.

Jehanne, you showed me not only how to paint, weave and scribble; but you also encouraged me to find WHY that was the best light, the appropriate brush & paint, and the wisest words for each scenario. 

You taught me that my painting can be exaggeratedly baroque or geometrically constructivist. You gave me what I was missing my entire life: which is the answer for the “WHY”? Why do I use this brush (skill); instead of the other in each case in life?

You showed me that I can do whatever my heart feels like doing. And, in the end of each session, you do the most beautiful thing that a person can do: you don’t demand that the apprentice be a copy or an echo of his master (like all the other teachers I had throughout life) – but you hand me over your brushes and leave me free to create my own art. 

Like I mentioned, during my life I’ve had many, many, MANY mentors who presented me with skills that people should have to be successful. But only 1 gave me palette, the brush, the studio and taught me to scribble my own lines, with my own personality – you. 

I know myself now; and my potential to create.

And here I am now; forwarded, independent, creating new works everyday. Always looking to improve, and in search of the perfect techniques and ideal light. Looking to follow in your footsteps through my own brushstrokes. 

You were one of the best gifts I had this year. You encourage and inspire me everyday to be the best version that I can be. Always opening my inside closet and finding a new set of brushes that I had all along but never knew how or why to use it.

And this is something that I will always be grateful for. You continuously show me purpose and direction, and I hope you know how much of a difference you made in my days.

You changed my life, and I am really glad to have crossed paths with you.

I cannot wait to continue our Art show next year. 

Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you do.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and Happy Holidays!

All my best,

Your apprentice.

Leadership development client

The word that comes to mind to describe her is smart – Jehanne brings knowledge and intelligence to everything she does. She is reliable, self-motivated and is a team player with excellent leadership qualities. Jehanne comes with my highest recommendation.

Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

I love this worksheet — I’ll be able to use it for more than one convo in my head! YOU are MARVELOUS and TALENTED, thanks so much for your support and guidance through So. Much. Fear. Today’s session rocked!


What I appreciate most about working with my business ninja Jehanne is her ability to build my vision, and what I want to accomplish into clear, sizeable actions. She consistently challenges me with refreshing perspectives and new actions. The time I’ve spent working with Jehanne has been extremely valuable and I highly recommend working with her.

Derek Burgen, Royal Bank of Canada

Jehanne hits the nail on the head every single time. She’s incredibly smart, quick, empathetic, and thinks 10 steps ahead every time so that you don’t have to. Her ability to get right to the HEART OF THE MATTER is phenomenal. She empowers you to come up with solutions that work for your unique situation and you leave every interaction feeling calm, centred, and focused. I breathe easier after every single conversation with Jehanne and I know exactly what my next steps are. I would pick Jehanne to be on my team every single time, hands down. And, I would recommend her to any individual or business that wants to blast through every single goal they’ve ever set. She’s just that good.


Wow! What a fantastic session. Thanks for pushing us through the sticky stuff and getting us to think bigger and be bolder with our ambitions! We’re ready, revved up and inspired.

Looking forward to the next steps and moving forward with your help.

Business Coaching Client

Thank you Pocket Ninja for all your business advice in building my own business. While working on a business proposal, it was helpful to know I have a reliable business ninja available on ‘pocket dial’ for objective advice, strategic direction, and positive support. She helped me achieve the right results – and I say right because sometime our desired results may not always be the path we are meant to take. In the end, I will keep this Pocket Ninja in my favourites and would recommend her expertise to others in a flash.

Jeanette LeBlanc, JL Communications

Jehanne is one of those rare breeds that has the ability to be both strategic and tactical at the same time. Planning and execution comes naturally to her. I worked with Jehanne as part of the Business Team at Function Point, and she was a pleasure to work with. I regularly sought her advice about how to run meetings and workshops and how to communicate new ideas to groups of people. I was always amazed at how quickly she was able to come up with great ideas that were a breeze to implement.


Wicked session today and worksheet THANK YOU.


I had the pleasure to work very closely with Jehanne. She consistently showed her strengths in her ability to advise, strategize and execute. In every interaction she proved to be a polished professional with exceptional interpersonal skills. Extremely capable, Jehanne is able to take on anything that comes her way – she is organized, resourceful and creative. She met every challenge with grace and integrity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she has my highest recommendation.


We hired Pocket Ninja Strategies to run training for our management team on how to deliver effective feedback and conduct modern performance reviews.  We had several new managers with a lot direct reports and identified that giving them tools to coach their teams would be critical to employee satisfaction and retention. 

PNS helped us understand that our employees crave feedback and gave us the tools to deliver it much more frequently – both positive and constructive – to keep staff engaged and growing.  I can tell you that every one of our managers was shocked how well their feedback conversations went!  Once you start the feedback cycle and have a structure to lean on, it becomes much easier to deliver it consistently. Thank you PNS.

Management training, Macdonald realty

I hope I was able to express my gratitude to you during our sessions, and specially yesterday.

Reading this email brings me back so many memories… of a [Client name] who felt lost and who was not sure on how to move forward. And then, not only you held my hand and showed me the way, but you made me see my light, and made me understand how important it is to let it shine. 

I feel extremely thankful for having you in my life. I love you and I now know this is only the beginning of the new life you’ve helped me build.

Thank you for the past 11 months, for each session, and for this email. Like you said, an athletes performance is often accompanied of a competent coach, and I couldn’t have chosen a better coach to guide me in the many things I’m yet to achieve.

Looking forward to our next series! 

Personal Development client

Before working with Jehanne I was nervous in interviews, knowing that I had the experience and intelligence for the job but not knowing how to effectively communicate it – despite having done my own preparation and practice. The interview strategy and coaching that Jehanne provided allowed me to recognize the powerful accomplishments of my professional experience, as well as my personal strengths, resulting in an unshakable confidence and easy self-expression in the interview. Jehanne’s natural ability to recognize one’s strengths and transform them into a workable and effective communication, is her unique talent. I also loved that I could call her the morning of my interview and get a question answered. With Jehanne, I know I have a business ninja in my back pocket! And I got the job!!

Klara Manhal, ArtSeen

I am really excited, like REALLY! I have applied the knowledge I gain with your sessions and that definitely paid off! Thank you for everything.


I bring great news: I GOT AN AMAZING JOB!! And I would like to thank you again for your support and for being the most patient and positive person. It really made a huge difference in the way I present myself. I definitely feel much more confident than before.


With an over 25% growth in our team, working remotely for close to a year, and the need for healthy collaboration amongst our team members, we were seeking a way to engage our team and create an inspiring with direction with which we could all align.

Pocket Ninja Strategies (PNS) worked with us to create a custom and interactive vision building session with our team of 30. Throughout the whole process, PNS was upbeat, organized and resourceful – providing many tools for us to work with.

The teambuilding and vision session was both energizing and productive for our team. We now have a guiding strategic framework that includes our vision, strengths and actions to achieve that vision that was developed with input from our whole team. This framework not only provides guidance on where we’re going, but provides guidance on how we can get there.

After the facilitated session, PSN did not stop. PNS held a management team rollout session and continues to offer support as we work to implement this strategic framework.

Throughout this whole process, PNS has offered great value and has clearly been committed to our long-term success!