Ace that big INTERVIEW.

Walk into your PERFORMANCE REVIEW with confidence.

Nail that important PRESENTATION.

Excel as a NEW MANAGER.


Pocket Ninja Strategies has the practical, easy to use tools and training to help you shine your brightest.

Presenting Yourself

Interviews, Performance Reviews & Presentations

Presenting yourself with confidence and ease is not about tips and tricks. It is having TRUE confidence, that comes from you naturally. And confidence is a skill, not a trait. Thus, can develop lasting confidence with the “Ninja Necessities”.

The Ninja Necessities help you identify and articulate your unique superpowers, which create the foundation for TRUE confidence, and allows you to speak with power and ease.

Ninja Necessities for Interviews

  • Values | Move others with your “Why”
  • Strengths | Standout with your talents
  • 3 Pillars of Service | Leverage the 3 pillars of service to demonstrate your value
  • Storytelling | Create a lasting impressing with the power of storytelling
  • Interview Commandments | Ace your interview with fundamental strategies for calm and ease

Ninja Necessities for Performance Reviews

  • 3 Pillars of Service | Leverage the 3 pillars of service to demonstrate your value
  • Powerful Storytelling | Harness the power of storytelling to showcase your contributions


Being a leader and a manager requires a different MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset then being an employee. Pocket Ninja Strategies trains you in the 3Ms of Management, which are the key to unlocking success at the next level.

#1. Self

#2. Team Management

#3. Executive Management

Key Outcomes

Self-management mindset.

Lead with confidence, create followership.

Be the trusted advisor.

Coaching Curriculum

  • Management Mindset | Leadership Principals
  • Leadership Foundation Tools | Core values & strengths
  • Priorities Matrix Tools | Key responsibilities & goals
  • Service Mindset | The principals of service for leadership
  • Feedback Skills | “Feedback is a gift” training
  • Accountability Tools | Managing with structure
  • Contribution Mindset | The art of collective concern and generosity
  • Trust Skillset | How to build integrity through “existence”
  • Results Toolset |Operate from the results principals

Career Development & Change

Are you wanting to take your career to the next level or change direction?

Thriving At The Next Level

A common career mistake is getting to the next level of success and continuing to do what you did before because that’s what made you successful to begin with. This mistake causes people to just survive at the next level, instead of thrive! The NEXT level requires a NEW level; a new MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset.

Ninja Necessities for Thriving at the Next Level include:

  • Big Picture Mindset | Vision & values alignment
  • Skill Development | Skills strengths inventory & growth planning
  • 4T Execution Toolset | Targets, tactics, time & team management

Career Change

Do you want to make a big change but you don’t know how you can possibly make such a big shift? Or you know you want to make a change but you don’t know what you what you want that change to be? Making a career change can seem like a moving mountains. But, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Your future success and happiness lies in your ability to change, adapt and position yourself as a skilled contributor in ever changing circumstances. Pocket Ninja Strategies can help you ride and thrive through that wave of change.

Ninja Necessities for Career Transition include:

  • Inventory | Complete career, values & strength inventory
  • Explore & Expand | Discover the pillars and the gaps
  • Articulate | Create an aligned vision & goals
  • Act | Use powerful plan to take small steps, for big results