Complimentary Clarity Conversation


Pocket Ninja Strategies’ complimentary Clarity Conversation, is a 30-45 minute zoom session where we’ll ask you our 3 proprietary clarifying questions in order to help you get clear on a challenge or opportunity you’re facing. During the call, we’ll explore, expand and refine your answers, so by the end of the call you’re left with a clear 3 sentence summary.


Firstly, it’s completely complimentary, meaning there’s no charge AND no pressure. It’s not Pocket Ninja’s perogative or strategy to trick, hook or pressure people into coaching or training, as that’s not an effective or ethical coaching practice. Pocket Ninja operates from the belief that “when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive”.

It’s also gives you a chance to experience a little bit of what coaching might be like and if you like Pocket Ninja’s style, because when it comes to coaching there has to be a vibe match.

Furthermore, having a Clarity Conversations gives Pocket Ninja the opportunity to see if/how we could best serve you so you we can recommend the best course of action for you, if there’s a desire and fit to work together.

And, there’s no risk:

  • you’ll leave the conversation clearer,
  • you’ll get to see if there’s something here that would be valuable to you,
  • we’ll be honest with you — if we don’t have what we think is best for you, we’ll tell you and offer other suggestions (I have done this several times).

When & How

Click the button below to email for a complimentary Clarity Conversation, and we’ll schedule a time at your convenience.