Hi, I’m Jehanne,

Do you want more from your business, career or life? More clarity, courage, confidence, boldness, momentum, achievement, peace of mind, joy?

My job is to help you get what you want!

I’m a vision, values and goals coach for business, career and life. I’ll coach you on creating YOUR vision and values, not those given to you or expected of you. Then I train you how to use YOUR vision and values as your own unique GPS that will guide you to YOUR definition of success and happiness. You’ll be inspired from the coaching, but more importantly empowered with MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset you need to achieve your goals.

When I ask clients why they choose to work with a coach, they’ve said:

  • I’m successful, but I want to get to the next level
  • I don’t have time to think and plan, and I don’t know what my goals are
  • I don’t know how to communicate and present my ideas in a way that will move people (business partner, boss, spouse)
  • I know I’m ready for the next big thing, but I don’t know how to take the leap
  • I want to be more of a leader, but I don’t know how to speak up or step up
  • I get caught in analysis paralysis and struggle to make confident decisions
  • I have lots of opportunities coming my way but I don’t know how to determine which ones are the best and which ones to say no to
  • I feel like something is off, I know there’s more for me out there, but I just can’t figure it out
  • I don’t know what I really want or what decisions will really make me happy

Do you resonate with any of the challenges above?

Do you want more:

  • clarity on your values, strengths and goals?
  • courage to say what you really want and go after it?
  • confidence to own your strengths, leadership, decisions and path?
  • contentment that comes from living in a way that works for you and feeling good about what you’ve accomplished?

Now is the time to start shaping your future. An investment in yourself or your business is not the best investment, it’s the only investment that never diminishes or disappears. Ask me for a complimentary clarity conversation!