Hi, I’m Jehanne,

I’m the Founder & Principal Ninja for Pocket Ninja Strategies. I founded Pocket Ninja Strategies:

  • to share what I learned and to make it EASIER and FASTER for my clients to get the RESULTS they want in business, career or life
  • to provide REAL VALUE in the world of coaching & consulting; focused on tangible, practical and lasting outcomes for my clients
  • to live a life that’s ALIGNED with my values, strengths & purpose

Values Driven

Values are the foundation for success and happiness. They inform all dreams, goals and actions, providing the profound and effective guidance needed to live with clarity, confidence, confidence and contentment.

Pocket Ninja Strategies values are:

1. Freedom | Have the MINDset, SKILLset & TOOLset to play by your own rules

2. Leadership | Make the difference, where & when it matters to you

3. Play | Experience the joy in the journey

4. Connection | Profoundly connect to what matters to you

5. Success | Go after what you really want and get it

Experience & Education

I spent my career in non-for-profit organizations, government agencies, international corporations and private companies. This eclectic experience gave me insight to the challenges that are consistent across the spectrum of work and people. And it has given me access to what solutions actually work and what doesn’t work and why.

I’ve studied in many formats including: