Business leaders, owners and launchers, you got a business ninja in your back pocket. Whether you’re leading a team, running a business or launching a new business, Pocket Ninja Strategies has the tools you need excel. All tools are tactical and practical so you don’t waste anytime on “theories” that don’t work.

Get clear, get aligned, get in action, and get results.


Do you want to be more of a leader? Are you overwhelmed as a new manager? Are you struggling to manage your team and manage up? Do you want to leave your mark and be remembered for your brand of leadership? Do you want to give your team more freedom, while making sure they’re accountable for their outcomes? Do you want to be able to give empowering positive and constructive feedback to grow your employees? Do you want to be able to work with executives with confidence and ease?

The “Ninja Necessities for Leaders” gives you the MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset needed you need to successfully manage your team and your own leadership growth. The Ninja Necessities empower you with the tools grow and develop yourself and your team.

  • Leadership Legacy — Crafting your unique brand of leadership
  • Leadership Alignment — Empowering you and your team with your values in action
  • Leadership Leverage — Harness the power of your unique strengths
  • Leadership Followership — Empower your team with accountability & effective feedback
  • Leadership Level-Up — Successfully work with executives by managing up


Are you clear on your goals? Are you stuck at your current level of business? Are you struggling to empower your team? Are you overwhelmed? Do you want to get to the next level, faster and easier? Are you spending time on planning the future, or just surviving the day-to-day?

Running a business brings a unique set of challenges; you need to work both ON your business and IN your business. And most often what got you to this level, is not what will get you to the next. Pocket Ninja Strategies got you covered!

Pocket Ninja Strategies will train you on the MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset to increase results and decrease stress.

Areas we can support you:

Strategy, Planning & Priorities

  • Simple and usable strategic planning session(s) & toolset
  • Goal-setting that inspires & gets results

Company Culture

  • Team alignment
  • Team engagement & motivation
  • Employee management for culture, empowerment, accountability & achievement
  • Hire & retain the best employees and topgrade the low performers

Business Management

  • Move from operations management to business management

Other challenges… Just Ask Pocket Ninja!


Are you clear on your priorities? Are you stuck? Are you overwhelmed? Do you want to move faster? Do you clarity and structure?

The “Ninja Necessities for Business Launch” gives you the MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset needed to swiftly and successfully launch your business. The Ninja Necessities provides both the strategic and tactical tools, that WORK in reality, so you can plan, launch and run your business with confidence and ease.

The Ninja Necessities for Business Launch include:

  • Big Aim | Your empowering objective
  • Big Arrow | Actionable strategy
  • Culture Code | Your values in action
  • Targets | 3:1:Q Goals
  • Tribe | Idea client persona(s)
  • 3T Execution | Tactics, time & team management