I’ve always believed in John Locke’s “Tabula Rasa” philosophy.

Like him, I believe that we are all born as a blank paper; an empty canvas, ready to be written and painted during life.We are artists of our own work, authors and designers of our character & owner of our options. 

And, throughout life, I had lots of mentors and teachers who showed me how to paint. And I did learn from my own experiences as well. But I always knew that something was missing in my life canvas.

And then I met you. A REAL painter. Not only a teacher and a mentor; but also a coach. A true leader of life.

Jehanne, you showed me not only how to paint, weave and scribble; but you also encouraged me to find WHY that was the best light, the appropriate brush & paint, and the wisest words for each scenario. 

You taught me that my painting can be exaggeratedly baroque or geometrically constructivist. You gave me what I was missing my entire life: which is the answer for the “WHY”? Why do I use this brush (skill); instead of the other in each case in life?

You showed me that I can do whatever my heart feels like doing. And, in the end of each session, you do the most beautiful thing that a person can do: you don’t demand that the apprentice be a copy or an echo of his master (like all the other teachers I had throughout life) – but you hand me over your brushes and leave me free to create my own art. 

Like I mentioned, during my life I’ve had many, many, MANY mentors who presented me with skills that people should have to be successful. But only 1 gave me palette, the brush, the studio and taught me to scribble my own lines, with my own personality – you. 

I know myself now; and my potential to create.

And here I am now; forwarded, independent, creating new works everyday. Always looking to improve, and in search of the perfect techniques and ideal light. Looking to follow in your footsteps through my own brushstrokes. 

You were one of the best gifts I had this year. You encourage and inspire me everyday to be the best version that I can be. Always opening my inside closet and finding a new set of brushes that I had all along but never knew how or why to use it.

And this is something that I will always be grateful for. You continuously show me purpose and direction, and I hope you know how much of a difference you made in my days.

You changed my life, and I am really glad to have crossed paths with you.

I cannot wait to continue our Art show next year. 

Thank you for being you. Thank you for everything you do.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and Happy Holidays!

All my best,

Your apprentice.

― Leadership Developmen Client