With an over 25% growth in our team, working remotely for close to a year, and the need for
healthy collaboration amongst our team members, we were seeking a way to engage our team
and create an inspiring with direction with which we could all align.

Pocket Ninja Strategies (PNS) worked with us to create a custom and interactive vision building
session with our team of 30. Throughout the whole process, PNS was upbeat, organized and
resourceful – providing many tools for us to work with.

The teambuilding and vision session was both energizing and productive for our team. We now
have a guiding strategic framework that includes our vision, strengths and actions to achieve that
vision that was developed with input from our whole team. This framework not only provides
guidance on where we’re going, but provides guidance on how we can get there.

After the facilitated session, PSN did not stop. PNS held a management team rollout session and
continues to offer support as we work to implement this strategic framework.

Throughout this whole process, PNS has offered great value and has clearly been committed to
our long-term success!

― Fortis BC