What results do you want to achieve?

You can do it! Pocket Ninja Strategies is here to make sure you can reach your goals — with clarity, power, velocity and ease! See below for the list of services in Business Management, Leadership Development or Career Development.

1. Business Management Services

Are you trying to get a new business off the ground or trying to manage your current business more effectively? Pocket Ninja Strategies is here to provide the tools and training you need. It can help with the following:

  • Clear and inspiring vision that can be used to run the company
  • Clear, simple and usable strategic plan
  • How to motivate your team
  • Goal setting that inspires and gets results
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Effective meetings that get results (not boredom)
  • Retaining the best employees, Topgrading the low performers
  • Creating a stronger workplace culture
  • Get results faster and easier
  • Less stress in running the business
  • The business can run without you
  • Train your team to work together
  • What do you need assistance with? Just ask!

2. Leadership Development Service

    • Develop your leadership brand
    • Lead with purpose
    • Make decisions with velocity
    • Confidently work with executives
    • Powerfully manage up and down
    • Plan and execute for results
    • Speak with confidence
    • Take charge of your job and department
    • Be known for delivering results
    • Train your team for camaraderie and efficiency
    • What do you need assistance with? Just ask!

3. Career Development

    • Discover a new career direction
    • Interview with confidence
    • Define your career values, vision and goals
    • Make your resume stand out
    • Give great presentations


The Ninja Strategies Promise: You’ll get the best and simplest strategies, tools and frameworks so that you can achieve your goals as fast as possible, without added fluff or unnecessary extras – you get just what you need to succeed!

The Pocket Promise: You’ll understand and be able to use all the tools and tips from the sessions so that you’re empowered long after your sessions with Pocket Ninja Strategies. And, should you need assistance in the future you have a business ninja you can ‘pull out of your back pocket’ at any time.

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