“Thank you Pocket Ninja for all your business advice in building my own business. While working on a business proposal, it was helpful to know I have a reliable business ninja available on ‘pocket dial’ for objective advice, strategic direction, and positive support. She helped me achieve the right results – and I say right because sometime our desired results may not always be the path we are meant to take. In the end, I will keep this Pocket Ninja in my favourites and would recommend her expertise to others in a flash. “

– Jeanette LeBlanc, JL Communications


“What I appreciate most about working with my business ninja Jehanne is her ability to build my vision, and what I want to accomplish into clear, sizeable actions. She consistently challenges me with refreshing perspectives and new actions. The time I’ve spent working with Jehanne has been extremely valuable and I highly recommend working with her.”

– Derek Burgen, Royal Bank of Canada


“Jehanne is one of those rare breeds that has the ability to be both strategic and tactical at the same time. Planning and execution comes naturally to her. I worked with Jehanne as part of the Business Team at Function Point, and she was a pleasure to work with. I regularly sought her advice about how to run meetings and workshops and how to communicate new ideas to groups of people. I was always amazed at how quickly she was able to come up with great ideas that were a breeze to implement.”

– Alon Sabi, Function Point Productivty Software


“Before working with Jehanne I was nervous in interviews, knowing that I had the experience and intelligence for the job but not knowing how to effectively communicate it – despite having done my own preparation and practice. The interview strategy and coaching that Jehanne provided allowed me to recognize the powerful accomplishments of my professional experience, as well as my personal strengths, resulting in an unshakable confidence and easy self-expression in the interview. Jehanne’s natural ability to recognize one’s strengths and transform them into a workable and effective communication, is her unique talent. I also loved that I could call her the morning of my interview and get a question answered. With Jehanne, I know I have a business ninja in my back pocket! And I got the job!!”

– Klara Manhal, ArtSeen


“I had the pleasure to work very closely with Jehanne. She consistently showed her strengths in her ability to advise, strategize and execute. In every interaction she proved to be a polished professional with exceptional interpersonal skills. Extremely capable, Jehanne is able to take on anything that comes her way – she is organized, resourceful and creative. She met every challenge with grace and integrity. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she has my highest recommendation.”

– Brett Manlove, Vancouver Visitor TV


“The word that comes to mind to describe her is smart – Jehanne brings knowledge and intelligence to everything she does. She is reliable, self-motivated and is a team player with excellent leadership qualities. Jehanne comes with my highest recommendation.”

– Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies


“I have known Jehanne for several years. She has passion, commitment, faces challenges head on, has a high degree of integrity and exceptional communication skills when dealing with people. I believe her experience and personal skills would be an asset to any organization.”

– Mike Stephenson, Payroll Hero


“I know Jehanne from my MBA program. I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at one of her classes and had a taste of what an amazing teacher Jehanne is. I was amazed to see how goal oriented, structured, opened to discussion and engaging the class was. But then I thought, why am I surprised, of course it is goal oriented, structured… the teacher is Jehanne.

She is a terrific communicator; constantly challenging students in order to get them to think and question what they were learning rather than just focusing on get them to memorize material. Surprisingly many of the professors I had never did.

Jehanne brought to the room an incredible positive energy and willingness to make a mark on the students. I automatically knew she would leave a positive impression on them and that they would remember her for a long time.  She definitely did on me.”

– Jorge Hoyos, Heilu


“Jehanne is a good communicator with a high degree of social intelligence…and she is very competent and delivers every promise as scheduled.”

– Sarah Drewery, Museum of London