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Interview & Career Confidence Bootcamp

Do you want to shine in your next big job interview? Moreover, when you land the job do you want to feel confident to deliver on the promises you made in your interview?

The Interview & Career Confidence Bootcamp doesn’t provide you ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ to present yourself better in an interview because ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’, alone don’t work. Interview ‘tricks’ are available on the internet for free, but they are available to everyone, and thus they don’t give you a unique advantage. Plus, the problem with ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ is that if you land the job, you’ll start your new job feeling like you ‘tricked’ the interviewers because you didn’t build the foundation for your confidence in the long-term.

The way to shine in an interview is to build the foundation for your confidence and competencies that are unique to you, and then develop your skills to demonstrate those competencies in your interview. Not only does this help you feel confident, relaxed and bold in your interviews, it is also creates the foundation you will work from when you get the job, so you won’t be plagued with ‘impostor’s syndrome’.

Course Details:

  • 4 Week Confidence, Interview Prep & Interview Skills Course
  • Weekly videos & exercises (that you can keep & use in the future), discussion board & live interactive sessions where you can practice & ask questions

Course Topics:

  • Values | Move others with your “Why”
  • Strengths | Standout with your talents
  • 3 Pillars of Service | Leverage the 3 pillars of service to demonstrate your value
  • Storytelling | Create a lasting impressing with the power of storytelling
  • Interview Skills | Ace your interview with fundamental strategies for calm and ease

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