Business Coaching

“If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

– Thomas Edison

Beyond your current success is the whole of your potential that has not yet been realized. And business and personal coaching is the quickest way realize what is really possible for you.

Pocket Ninja Strategies coaching program is designed to provide you with the foundation, structure and accountability required to generate results you want in your business and your life with clarity, ease and power.

Master Business Ninja Package
•  4 — 45 min sessions per month
•  4 follow-up emails/texts per month

Business Ninja Package 
•  2 — 45 min sessions/mth
•  4 follow-up emails/texts per month

Expert Business Package
•  1 — 60 min session/mth
•  2 follow-up emails/texts per month

“The value in setting goals is not solely in the achievement of the goal. It’s becoming the person that has the courage, disciple and commitment to really go after what he or she wants in life.”

– Jehanne Marie Burns, Pocket Ninja Strategies

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