Business Workshops & Courses

Pocket Ninja Strategies Workshops & Courses are designed to give you the maximum benefit via these specifically designed and calibrated offerings including:

  • “No Read” Business Book Club
  • Tech Company Business Secrets
  • ‘Ninja Necessities’ Business Bootcamp
  • 3M Leadership Course, For (New) Mangers

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“No Read” Business Book Club Workshop

Knowledge is power and time is money, so how do you maximize your knowledge and time – try the “no read” book club!

Book options include:

Workshop details:

  • 1.5-2hr Zoom Session
  • Interactive ice-breaker
  • 1-2 key concepts from the book
  • Engaging activities to explore & apply key concept(s)
  • Takeaway “worksheet” or summary

*Book purchase required

3M Leadership Course, For New Mangers | Online With Interactive Sessions

Success and leadership at the management level requires a different MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset, then at the employee level. This course and provides new managers the training and tools to make this transition and thrive in all parts of their new role.

Being a leader and a manager requires a different MINDset, SKILLset and TOOLset then being an employee. Pocket Ninja Strategies trains you in the 3Ms of Management, which are the key to unlocking success at the next level.

M #1: Self Management

Key Outcome

  • Self-Management Mindset

Core Topics

  • Management Mindset | Leadership Principals
  • Leadership Foundation Tools | Core values & strengths
  • Priorities Matrix Tools | Key responsibilities & goals
M #2: Team Management

Key Outcome

  • Leadership with Confidence, Create Followership

Core Topics

  • Service Mindset | The principals of service for leadership
  • Feedback Skills | “Feedback is a gift” training
  • Accountability Tools | Managing with structure
M #3: Executive Management

Key Outcome

  • Be The Trusted Advisor

Core Topics

  • Contribution Mindset | The art of collective concern and generosity
  • Trust Skillset | How to build integrity through “existence”
  • Results Toolset |Operate from the results principals

Date: 2020 Dates Are To Be Announced