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The things that I am passionate about include business, strategy, marketing, a well-presented cheese plate and a really good drink (just in case you were wondering).



Values are the key to success in life and business. They create a foundation to build upon and serve as guideposts in challenging situations.

My values are:

Tremendous Value: Both my clients and I get tremendous value out of working together

Lasting Learning: Both my clients and I are able to internalize the work and learning we do together for lasting results.

Best Self: Working together results in the ‘best self’ for my clients and me.

Lasting Impact: My work creates a lasting impact for my clients and fulfills me in the long term.

10x Energy: Working with my clients increases both our energy, clarity, focus and effectiveness.



What Clifton StrengthsFinder has to say about me:

Strategic — Sorts through the clutter and finds the best route. A distinct way of thinking. She sees patterns in complexity. Armed with strategy she will strike forward.

Communication — Likes to explain, describe, speak and write. Feels the need to bring ideas and events to life, energizing them, making them exciting and vivid. Her words pique interest and inspire action.

Positivity — Her enthusiasm is contagious. Finds ways to make everything more exciting and more vital.


“Previous journeys in search of treasure have taught me that a zigzag strategy is the best way to get ahead.”

– Tahir Shah


I’ve travelled a lot of roads and picked up a few pieces of paper and attended a few courses along the way:

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