3 Reflection Challenges For a Powerful New Year


It has been said that we learn from experience, however, I believe that we don’t learn from our experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences. Below are 3 Reflection Challenges to start 2019 on a thoughtful note.

#1. 2018 Accomplishment Challenge

Ever notice how even though you do lots of things you don’t always FEEL accomplished?

The reason we don’t feel accomplished is because the human brain is wired to see the negative and not the positive. So, it takes effort to reprogram the brain see the positive.

To reprogram the brain we need to exercise the “positivity muscle” so it will grow in strength. To build this muscle, challenge yourself to list below 100 things you’ve accomplished this year. The list can include anything from small everyday things to big breakthroughs.

#2. 2018 Reflection Challenge

A  year is a long time, with a lot of different phases. I find by the end of the year many of us feel that the year didn’t turn out how we planned. However, if we take time to reflect we can see the year was full of accomplishments, surprises, adventures, lessons and growth. Take the 2019 Reflection Challenge to thoughtfully and whole-fully reflect on 2018.

#3. 2019 Creation Challenge

It’s unlikely you’ll hit a target, if you’re not aiming at it. So, it’s important to take time to consider the next 365 days and how you want to spend that time, what you want to get out those days, how you want to feel, what you want to avoid and what do you want to create.

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